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Childern are the future

A Fresh Start wants all children to reside in a safe and stable home free from violence and abuse. A Fresh Start wants all children and families to have access to adequate food, clothing and education. AFS provides mentoring, counseling and educate social skills to children and teens.
AFS wants children to enjoy their childhood and become the future leader the world needs !


Strengthening Family Bonds

AFS realizes family bonds can generate an environment of security and closeness, which can become a source of strength during difficult times.
A Fresh Start educates families with  bonding strategies, using specific curriculum's based on the families  specific needs.


Preparing For success and Adulthood

AFS is dedicated in our efforts addressing the issue of violent crimes that is happening in our communities. AFS's goal is to prevent  as many youth as possible from becoming a victim or participant  to crime. 

AFS mentors provide community resources, assist with education and career planning,money management,  social life and life skills.

 This is by no means an easy task, but through cooperation and community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress in this area. We are always striving to make a difference in our communities by guiding youth towards their life goals.


Child Development and parenting education

Our goal is to promote a positive and enjoyable parent and child experience for new mothers or those just in need of additional parenting skills. 
A Fresh Start Family & Community Services provides child development and parenting education in the participants home.


Domestic Violence Education

AFS advocate and support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by increasing awareness of oppression and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault to women, men, teens and children. AFS provides domestic violence education, assist with creating safety plan of action and provide resources to assist with breaking free from domestic and sexual abuse.


AFS is a member with Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV).


Building Peer Relationships

At A Fresh Start Family & Community Services LLc, we are dedicated to helping children and teenagers learn social skills, while teaching how to understand emotional learning. AFS facilitate's positive peer relationships, teach conflict resolution skills and cooperative learning strategies.


Advocating for Fathers

AFS provides one on one home based father engagement services, teaching fathers to bond and parent their child(ren).
AFS provides case management by connecting fathers to various resources and advocate for fathers.

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